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Pointed Ears

Signed by Steve Neill who created Leonard Nimoy's ears for "Star Trek The Motion Picture."

Cast in thick latex and signed on the back.

100 dollars plus 5.00 dollars S&H

For international shipping please email me.

Please allow 1-2 weeks delivery time.




My original ear molds in the curing oven.

The original urethane masters made from the original molds to make duplicate ears molds for Nimoy during the production. These were found recently after 32 years.

Nimoy wearing my ears.


A bit more history on the Spock ears for the first movie. After I made the ears for Nimoy the first set of molds were used for a long time. The molds were quite used from continuous baking which caused Rick Stratton to make the masters in order to make duplicate molds. Additionally Rick and Mike LaValley both replicated my ears and made new molds from scratch. Still faithfully made to duplicate the originals.  ?xml:namespace prefix = o /-->


About  mid production another makeup artist was added to the lab and re made the ears putting his own touch to them. They were wrong.

This artist was never a fan, certainly not a Star Trek fan and made no attempt to replicate the ear sculptures that John Chambers did for the original TV show. They had an entirely different shape. Shorter. Fatter and lacked those distinctive curves. If you watch the film you’ll see at one point toward the end that Spock has one of mine on one ear and the other artist's on the other. Fred evidently mixed them up and I remember the big bag of Spock ears he had. Remember these old timers back then were’t fans. And they just didn't’t notice such things or seem to care as we do today. Pointed ears were pointed ears. In fact as the movies went on the ears again did not appear as they did in the original series. They maintained that fat short look.


Steve Neill





New ears are done and available. One size fits all. These are based on the first season sculpture for TOS. Made from F-15 a long lasting polyurethane. These ears can be re-used and will not rot over time like foam rubber. Same instructions below apply.

100.oo plus shipping and handing of 5.00 dollars.




The two videos below will show you how I made the ears and the final results in HD video.


Spock Ears Vulcan ears elf ears fairy ears alien ears

Pointed Ears application instructions

Applying the pointed ears is an easy task really. It took me about 20 minutes to apply one ear.

You’ll need some basic supplies.




Either a good prosthetic adhesive such as Telesis or spirit gum will stick these ears on very well. You will need the Telesis thinner to remove the glue. If you use Spirit gum you will need the remover that comes with it. You can get any of these items listed here from any theatrical makeup supply house on the net or locally. Friends Beauty supply carries all these items and you can locate them on line.


Just about any makeup base seems to work on these prosthetics. Krylon makes some excellent palettes for prosthetics. Or you can use the Skin illustrator make up as seen in these photos. I have also found that oil based women’s makeup bases work well too.


You will also need some makeup sponges, a good brush or two to apply the glue and any makeup you might want to apply for highlight and shading.

4. Translucent powder will be needed to de-tack the glue once applied. Even baby powder will work.

5. Duo Eye Lash Adhesive for blending and sealing.


To apply the ears move and pin back the hair around the ear as much as possible. Clean the ear with rubbing alcohol or non oil based skin cleaner.



Start by applying a bit of glue to the ear tip and slide the ear into position. Before adding any further glue, make sure you are happy with the position. If you’re not, go up under the ear with a brush and thinner to loosen the ear and move it or slide it around.



Once you have the ear correctly positioned then start going under the ear with glue starting on the back side and apply glue from actual ear tip inside down to the blender edge. Be careful not to roll the thin edges under. If you do you can loosen back with a bit of thinner.



Once the back is secured power it down so it’s not sticky. Press the edges and they will flatten and blend to the flesh.



Move to the front side of the ear and do the same thing. Put the glue up under  the prosthetic and work your way down to the edge and powder.




At this point it’s starting to look pretty good and if you like you can use Duo Medical eyelash adhesive to blend the edge further using a makeup sponge. This also seals the edge.


Powder the edge when the Duo dries clear. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying.




Now you are ready using a makeup sponge apply and flesh colored base to the ears and blend them in with the same color as your skin or the makeup base you are using for you face as well to match. Powder it all down and dust off the residue powder.




To remove the ears, carefully, using the glue thinner and a brush, slowly work the ear off the same way you put it on. Once you have it off you can use the thinner to remove as much glue as possible. You can also roll the edges back out. Once you have done this powder them and put them back in a plastic bag for another use. If you are careful, you’ll be able to do this several times. If the edges start getting a little thick you can blend them with more Duo over the edge.


To clean your ears use the thinner and a makeup sponge to remove the excess glue followed by soap and hot water.