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Enterprise Project

This project will result in a short film in which I'll appear on the bridge and take the Enterprise into space. The Enterprise and bridge set are all scratch built models I'm building. The Enterprise is nearly done and the bridge is just getting started. As time allows in my busy schedule I will update this page.




The latest

So far the 66 inch model, the captain's chair and the bridge are all built. The bridge is in testing and adjustment stages. Currently rendering a test of the bridge that 1315 frames long and will be posted tomorrow.

Here's a few frame grabs of the bridge.


Here is the test video I animated in Lightwave:

Bridge under construction

Click on the above images for larger pictures

 Lots of work to do here still but coming along. I'm finding that the only true way to get this bridge accurate is to study the show and pictures taken from it.


Click on the image above for a larger picture.

Captain's chair is starting to look the part. Again going over detailed pictures of the actual chair was the only way to get it right. The plans you find on the net and from some of the old books like the Star Fleet Blue prints are off.


Click on the above image for a larger picture.

Frame grab from the HD trailer test.



A peek at the set up in Lightwave. Notice the composite is entirely in the set up stage. You got to love today's fast machines!