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Make-up Effects




One of the very first make-up prosthetics I was allowed to do was Mr. Spock's

ears on, "Star Trek the Motion Picture".

Fred Philip's who did the make-up for the original series was my friend and was kind enough to allow me this great honor so early in my career.


The very first job I ever had was given to me my Rick Baker. It was the Cater Lake Monster.

I made this huge sculpture and then later the rubber head in my apt. kitchen. The mold was the size of a bath tub!



Rob Bottin gave me the experience of a life time when he gave me this great job working with the late Oliver Reed. It was called "Dr. Heckle and Mr. Hype". The film was made by director Charles Griffith the director of the original "Little Shop of Horrors".

Oliver and I became friends on the film as I worked with him very closely doing his make-up.

He showed me the best Birthday I ever had. I miss him.


I've had many roles as creatures from "Laser Blast to "Ghost Busters" but one of my all time favorites was the, "King Kong Transamerica commercial" I made in the summer of 84 for the 84 Olympics.

I made the suit and acted the part. My wife Gilly puppeteered the face with a radio control unit.



Another great experience was "Ghost Busters". I worked with Steve Johnson, Randy Cook and other great friends. I worked on different gags in the film but my main project was the hands that grabbed Sigourney Weaver out of the chair.

I made the sculptures and molds, painted the hands and later worked on the set with her. I was the arm that grabs her first in the face. She was just terrific to work with and an nice lady.


Seen here is the green clay sculpture of the hand over my arm life cast before molding.


Mac Tonight for MacDonald's I did for years. Puppeteered him with my wife Gilly Neill. I sculpted and created the radio controlled face over several campaigns. It was a lot of fun to work with Doug Jones who played Mac.


 I built a lot of Gorilla suits and played the part over the years. Here is my Coco suit from the old Teleflora commercial. My wife Gilly always controlled the radio controlled face and wrangled me in the suit over the years. Not an easy job.



Another great experience I had was working with Tobe Hooper on "Spontaneous Combustion".

I worked with Brad Dourif who is a great actor and a great professional. I put him through hell with elaborate prosthetic make-ups in several stages. Never once did I have a single complaint. A true gentleman.


The opposite side.



Another great little job I had was with my old buddy Rick Stratton. We had a week to build this silly suit for George Peppard. Another great human being we will all miss. We had a blast working with him on the "A-Team".


This Elephant man I made for the old series, "In Search of".


This is the Sculpture I did for Whitley Strieber which became the mask that was sold for awhile. 

This was a sculpture that I made for a radio controlled puppet head of a Chimp for a Disney picture. 


In short time I will post more pictures from my past work in this field that span over 30 years. And I'm still going! This is just a small taste of what's to come. I took thousands of pictures and slides over the years.

It is my hope in 2009 to make a book about my career and all the fun I am still having doing this wonderful work today.





 The guy with the long hair is me on the set of Ghost Busters. More to come as I find them.