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Scratch Built Jules Verne Nautilus

With a 3 inch WTC in hand, and no model to place it in, I thought why not build a Jules Verne Nautilus. A bit of research on the net and looking through Verne's book and I came up with a simple set of plans I made up from a combination of designs I had seen based on Verne's book.

The boat has a 4.5 inch beam and a 50 inch length.

This is a simple comp I pulled from my line drawings that were also inspired by Greg Sharpe's wonderful design.


 Here's the BigDave's design 3 inch RCABS-R WTC he made me awhile back that started the project. Can't leave this just laying around.


 I started with a piece of PVC 4.5 OD pipe. No molds or masters this time, this will be a one off. I cut the pipe in half using a surface gauge and razor saw.

 I made the cones from styrene sheet I would later sheet with more styrene. Tail and dive planes were made from PVC foam sheet. Wheel house and deck from more styrene.



 A quick check of all the parts taped on before I sheeted the cones.


 Here's one of the cones in progress being sheeting.



 Once the cones were sheeted I attached them, the tail, dive plans and the rest of the structures. A check of the WTC fit and I made up the controls and made the boat functional before moving on to the finishing work.




 To finish of the boat with rivets I opted to use my rivet tape method. I use air ducting aluminum tape you can buy at the hardware store. Used pattern wheels and pens pressing the tape from the back side to get the effect you see in the above photos.



 Once all the detail work was done the boat was painted with Testors Copper paint from a can.



 Made my own prop from two wheel collars and brass sheet.





 The paint job and weather was finished using pastels and a Tamiya weathering kit. Dull coat to seal the colors. Made a custom stand and name plate.




And last lights were added. All this took about 17 days from the time I first cut the PVC.

Next it will get trimmed and pool tested ending with a Hansen Dam run at the lake.

Video and pictures to follow.

Stay tuned!



Pool trials went perfect. It was easy to trim and run. The short video tells all. Next Hansen Dam runs and video.