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Gato Class Submarine

This is a Gato class submarine and our primary submarine during WW2.

Since i was kid watching all those great movies form "Torpedo Run" to "Up Periscope" and more, I always dreamed of having a Gato model that really worked like a real submarine.

Thanks to Revell, they finally made a large, accurate, 1/72 scale model of the boat. More than large enough to RC at 52 inches in length.

My good Friend Wayne Frey, a fellow submarine nut, sent me this model and the WTC which he had partially built. It didn't take me long to finish it. I also converted the gas WTC to RCABS and it took little time to make the modification. The WTC lent itself well to that conversion.


Currently I'm waiting to trim her and trial test the boat in my pool before she heads off to my local lake.

I will update this page soon with pool trial video and pictures soon.


The picture above is a comparison. Thr Revell Gato and the Revell German Type 7 are the exact same scale. 1/72. This gives you an idea of the size difference between the two subs.





Got some more testing in today. Got her to sit higher up out of the water.