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RC Aircraft




This is one of my all scratch built jets. Made a master of the body, epoxy mold and cast glass epoxy fuse. Powered by an electric EDF unit.

Here's an old flight video I found.





Another one of my larger EDF scratch builds. The TA-183 Huckebein. Again the fuse is epoxy glass cast from my molds.


Looking around the net I found two videos of my kit in flight. One EDF and the other Turbine powered.

John Wright who lend quite a hand in the later development of getting this bird to fly right built the turbine version.


My original scratch built test bed for my later to be kit of the F-104. This was made for a 50 mm fan.

Here's the fiber glass epoxy version which flew off fixed gear.

I still have the molds and plan a rocket powered version of the plane.