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Out of the Blue

History Channels’ UFO files           Lead artist, created and designed title sequences for streaming                                                                                                    video, created 3D animated character, interior and exterior landscapes for 3D chat room sites.                     Lead artist, responsible for overall look of website.  Designed, created and edited short video featured there.


Sci Fac Productions         Created and designed title sequences and special effects for Short film “Nightwork”. 

Dreamland FX                   Designed and created special effects for documentary film “UFO’S and the Global Situation.






Caliber Comics                  Art direction and cover art for four issues of “Beyond    Communion “series.


 BlockBuster Video           Video cover artwork for documentary film UFO’S and the Global Situation.


High Times Magazine    Original cover art.

UFO  Magazine                  Original cover art.


 Borderlands Press              Original cover art for  Whitley Strieber’s  “An Evening With Demons”.




Arts and Entertainment Channel

The Discovery Channel

The Learning Channel

The Joan Rivers Show (Fox Network)

The Vikki Lawrence Show (UPN)

The Mo Show (Fox Network)

Confirmation (NBC)

Sightings (UPN)




McDonalds Corp   *Created, designed and puppeteer of the singing Moon  Man,  “MacTo-Nite”


 McDonalds Corp   *”The Hamburglar”


Taco Bell                          I Spy Characters


Miller Lite Beer           Blorg Alien creature designed and played by.


King Kong Transamerica commercial


Teleflora Florists  Gorilla    suit made and played by.


 Worlds Of Wonder Toys            Designed and made Alien suits with radio controlled faces


 Lee Jeans                                             Created alien radio controlled creature puppet




Pine Mountain Logs                              Charlie Chan prosthetic make-up


 Short list of Feature motion picture work



Star Trek: The Motion Picture

John Carpenter’s The Thing

Fright Night

Batman 2 Batman Returns

My Science Project

Honey, I Blew Up the Kids

Return of the Swamp Thing

Jungle Book

The Birds 2 Lands End

A Class Reunion National Lampoon


Battle Beyond the Stars



The Gate 2


Dark Tower

The Stuff

Puppet Master

Full Moon High

Highway to Hell

Out of the Blue

The Day Time Ended        written and produced by

Spontaneous Combustion



 Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Bob Newhart Show

In Search Of:  The Elephant Man

In Search Of:  The Missing Link


Paranormal border line

The A Team

Totally Hidden Video

Johnny Carson’s’ greatest practical jokes

History Channels UFO Files

St. Elsewhere