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66 inch TOS Model Enterprise Project



The latest


A bit more work done on her. Added the smaller decals and finshed filling the gaps on the deflector shroud. The video and new pictures were taken for Doug Drexler and

Again thanks to Doug for all the help and support on this project!







To see the video I shot for Doug visit this link:



She's finished!







It's hard to know where to begin. But I grew up with the original series and characters. TOS as it's referred to was always my favorite. And so is the TOS original 1701.

As Scotty once said, "N-C-C-1-7-0-1. No bloody A - B - C - or D! "

And least of all the Abrams version. In a word. Yuck.

When I was a teenager I bought the AMT small model more than once but it never filled the bill. I'd see Spock holding the 3 foot and ask the question we all ask to this day, "Why not a model that size? I want one!" So they release the refit. Well I love her too and built her and you can see the end result on this site. But still it's just not original and I want the original. So why not make one myself? I can do that. And the heck with a 3 footer why not 5.6, 66 inches, half the size of the original 11 foot model.

At first I was going to make two. Both one offs. No molds. But then I thought again. Lets make masters and molds so other TOS collectors my twist my arm into getting them one too. And so it was decided and I began one of the largest undertakings I have done in awhile. So here we go.



 The first thing I did is make up some accurate plans based on the actual model. After that I made a side view template the saucer section. And then I cut 28 of them and arranged them around a center shaft that could be mounted to a special build board.




Then I sheeted the flat outer circles first both top and bottom against and level surface that locked the saucer shape to square and level.

I removed the saucer from the building board and made a tool that fit to the center hub I could use to cut exact round sections to sheet the outer rims. It came in very handy.

A template was made for the pie sections of the sheeting using model aircraft plywood. It made it easy to cut out the sections quickly and accurately.



 The cut sections of Depron foam are very easy to pre bend and shape. Another good reason to use this material. You'd be hard pressed to do this with balsa. I applies the sheeting using a white glue and hot glue. Used pins to hold them in place.

Once sheeted the pins are removed and balsa filler used to fill the basic gaps and irregularities. The big stuff will be pointed up later once this is all epoxy glassed.

The rim was sheeted next in sections.

The bottom was next sheeted the same way.


The gaps on the bottom rim are supposed to be a rounded transition to the bottom saucer. This was done using solid white foam the was glued in and sanded to the round contour of the bulkhead or former.

The whole bottom was filled with the balsa fill and sanded. Next up glassing.

Using a fine 4 oz. soft glass and West Systems Epoxy resin I glassed the entire saucer section.


Both sides are now glassed and nice and strong. Next up I'll use Evercoat Metal glaze filler and correct the geometry and even and round out the entire surface perfectly smooth. Several coats of gray primer will be used filling in between with red spot putty. Once this is all done the scribing of the window locations and other hull details can be added.











Lots more progress as of 11-15-10. Soon as all the details are scribed I'm moving on to the engineering hull.


Engineering hull is started.


More done on the secondary hull









Molds are made as of 8/30/11

Epoxy Glass layups are up next. Be sure to follow the video series on YouTube



Below are links to the 18 parts starting at the top with number one. I will continue these until completion of the model. Enjoy.